Thought of the Day June 24, 2021 Non-retaliation

By 11:06 AM


He who is truly humble never thinks that any injustice is made of him. We should be ashamed of ourselves when we resent having anything said or done against us. It is a terrible thing to see our Creator bearing such great insults from His creatures while we are so resentful for the least harsh words spoken to us. Nothing bothers the soul that is united to God and she does not worry whether she is esteemed or not; nor if good or bad is said of her; in fact, she prefers dishonor and trials to honors and pleasure. (St. Teresa of Avila)


To grow in the virtue of humility is a process that doesn’t come easy. We are self-protective and anything said against us leads to a response. It is hard for us to let what is said and done become water off a duck’s back. Yet, when we can reach that point we are imitating Jesus in his supreme act of humility. He was the God/Man who was abused and yet he did not retaliate. He chose to suffer abuse, so that we may learn from him how to respond in a much less situations. As long as we know who we are as a son or daughter of God, what does it matter what people say or do. It will not affect our eternal salvation. But our eye for eye and tooth for tooth mentality may affect our eternity. 

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