Thought of the Day June 21, 2021 Humility

By 10:08 AM

"If you ask me what is the most important virtue, I would say humility. If you would ask me what is second, I would say humility. If you ask me which is third, I would say humility. As often as I am asked, I would say humility." (St. Augustine)


Reflecting on this, one would wonder why would St. Augustine placed humility higher than love. Doesn’t St. Paul tell us to seek the greater gift which is love? Humility is a virtue that enables us to see ourselves as we are in the eyes of God, nothing more, nothing less. It is in this way that we can love God and others for their sakes and not ours. Humility gives us the correct lens to look at life. It doesn’t distort life or others in anyway, but enables us to see through the eyes of God: Him, others and ourselves. We see and embrace reality as is. We live in the truth.

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