Thought of the Day June 9, 2021 Be proactive

By 4:41 PM

 "Of one thing I am sure. Complaining is self-perpetuating and counterproductive. Whenever I express my complaints in the hope of evoking pity and receiving the satisfaction I so much desire, the result is always the opposite of what I tried to get. A complainer is hard to live with, and very few people know how to respond to the complaints made by a self-rejecting person. The tragedy is that, often, the complaint, once expressed, leads to that which is most feared: further rejection....Joy and resentment cannot coexist" (Henri Nouwen).

Do we find this true in our experience? We have all fallen into this trap of the Father of lies. It is easy to complain than to be silent. There may be reason to complain. Yet, it doesn't solve anything. It is one thing to identify something that is wrong and another to complain. One is productive and proactive, while the other is negative and destructive. To complain is not a virtue. To seek a solution is.

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