Thought of the Day June 29, 2021 Jesus draws the best out of us

By 9:48 AM

If friendship with a human person increases my growth potential, what are we to say about friendship with Jesus? There is no comparison. Jesus offers me such magnificent opportunities for growth. The more I am aware of Jesus' tremendous and personal love for me, the more secure I feel in developing my real self.” (Fr. Edward Carter, SJ)


The growth in this friendship with Jesus is the growth of intimacy and love. It is not a mutual growth, for Jesus loves me with an agape love, unconditional and perfect. While my friendship with him may initially begin in a limited way, it has the potential of deepening and becoming truly other focused. In fact, Jesus invites us to enter into the deeper response to his love. He asked Peter three times if he loved him. Jesus was eliciting from him a greater desire to respond to the love the Friend and Lord showed him. So it is true with us. Jesus through his love and friendship draws the best out of us, not for his sake but for ours. 

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