Thought of the Day June 22, 2021 Humility: focus on other.

By 1:10 PM

"Humility isn't thinking little of self; it isn't thinking of self at all."


The focus of humility is the other, not ourselves. The focus of pride, the vice opposed to the virtue of humility, is self. What did the serpent say to Eve and Adam that opened up the flood gates of sin in the world? Don’t focus on God, who commands you to be yourself as dependent creatures. Focus on yourselves and the desire to know good and evil. Thus, you will be equal to God. On the other hand, what was the humility of Jesus? When tempted he focused on his obedience to the Father and not on the temptations of the Father of lies. Jesus was not thinking about himself but about the Father. In our struggles when we think of the Father and not on ourselves we are growing in humility. Humble yourself in the eyes of God by focusing on who he is and what he has done.

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