Thought of the Day June 4, 2021 Transubstantiation and Transformation

By 10:30 AM

"This sacred bread when eaten is not changed into our substance, but rather changes us into itself" (St. Augustine). Later, Pope St. Leo the Great would say the same thing: "The effect of our sharing in the body and blood of Christ is to change us into what we receive."

Here is another aspect of the mystery of the Eucharist. The regular food we eat is changed into us, becomes part of us. But when we eat the Body and Blood of Jesus, we are the ones changed. We share in his own divine life. What is changed through transubstantiation, now transforms us, enabling us to be one with God. That is why Paul said: "I live now, not I, but Christ Jesus in me."

The human eye does not see the change in substance of the bread and wine into the Body of Blood of Jesus. The eyes of faith proclaims the mystery. So the human eye does not see the transformation occurring within us through the reception of the Body and Blood of Jesus. But the eyes of faith do. Our response is to continue to live in and with Jesus, so that this transformation can be completed in death.

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