Thought of the Day June 3, 2021 God with us

By 10:01 AM

Jesus promised to be within us and to be with us. Jesus fulfills the promise to be with us in his Eucharistic presence in the Tabernacle. This is the new Holy of Holies in the New Meeting Tent. In the Old Testament, God chose to be present with his Chosen People through the sign of his Shekina glory. In the New Testament, God chooses to be present with us through the sacramental presence of his Body and Blood. A revelation and a mystery to be embraced in faith and love, unworthy as we are to be so gifted! How often do we spend time with Jesus in the Tabernacle? He is there for us, because he loves us, desiring to remain with us. How strong is our desire to be with him? This is a foreshadowing of being with him in his presence eternally. 

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