Thought of the Day June 30, 2021 Be a friend

By 10:17 AM

Truly ‘a faithful friend is the medicine of life.’ (Ecclus.6­:16) Truly ‘a faithful friend is a strong defense.’ (Ib. 14) For what will not a genuine friend perform? What pleasure will he not afford? what benefit? what security? Though you should name infinite treasures, none of them is comparable to a genuine friend. And first let us speak of the great delight of friendship itself. A friend rejoices at seeing his friend, and expands with joy. He is knit to him with a union of soul that affords unspeakable pleasure. And if he only calls him to remembrance, he is roused in mind, and transported. (St. John Chrysostom, 1 Thessalonica)


If you have such a friend, you are indeed blessed with a spiritual treasure beyond measure. And if you are a friend to another, you are doubly blessed. God desires us to have such friends as companions on our spiritual journey. Such a person affirms, supports, corrects in love and seeks our best. That person is one you can depend upon in good times and bad. There are a variety of examples for us to reflect on: David and Jonathan, Basil and Gregory, Francis and Claire, Therese of Avila and John of the Cross. There are many husband and wives who are friends first and lovers second. Their love flows from their intimate friendship. Before you seek such a friend, be a friend.

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