Thought of the Day November 26, 2021 God, our hiding place

By 11:02 AM

"Take God for your bridegroom and friend, and walk with him continually; and you will not sin and will learn to love, and all you must do will work out prosperously for you.” (Jacques Philippe)

The closer we remain with God as a friend and lover, we will choose not to sin in a way that will separate us from him. Why? Our love for God will be stronger than our need to satisfy ourselves first. We will find our fulfillment in God. Then, no matter what happens in our life--good or bad--,we will bear the fruit of our relationship with God in all circumstances. What will that fruit be? A true inner peace amidst the turmoil around us. That is why Jesus reminds us: "Remain in me and I in you in love, and the Father and I will make our dwelling in you." Make God your hiding place and  your refuge.

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