Thought of the Day March 10, 2022 Forgiveness, the door of mercy

By 10:28 AM

 "Father, forgive them." 

Pope Francis shares these words: “If we listen attentively we can imagine him saying further: ‘Father, I give you the pain of my sacrifice for their forgiveness. I choose to give my life as an offering to you so that your life may once more be evident in them. Without your mercy, Father, there is no hope for them. But your mercy is freeing, healing and life-giving. Wash them clean in your mercy and love. Set them free to be your adopted sons and daughters once more. As often as they sin and are repentant, let your mercy flow upon them from the blood and water from my pierced side.’" 

Jesus chose to forgive them and all who have sinned, including me. He chose not to let the poison of non-forgiveness touch his heart. Instead, he chose to speak a message of mercy from the cross. However, there is a condition, not to his forgiveness but to the sinner, to receive his forgiveness and freedom. That condition is repentance: turning away from the sin and turning back to God. A hardened heart needs to become opened to the grace of God's mercy. Jesus forgave from the cross even before anyone asked, giving them and us the door to mercy. But we must open it. When we forgive as Jesus tells us, we provide the other a similar door of mercy. Whether they open it or not, is not our call. Whether we did what God told us to do, is our decision.

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