Thought of the Day March 4, 2022 True fasting

By 10:21 AM

In the readings for Mass today, the theme is fasting. Jesus in the Gospel said there would be time for his followers to fast, when he is gone. St. Paul said: "Now is the acceptable time." In the first reading God through the prophet Isaiah sets the perimeters of what God expects our fast to look like. Basically, it is fasting from sinful actions and choosing that which will reflect mercy and love. It is easy for us to lose our temper and to say harsh, unloving words to another person. Fast from this action and choose to speak the words Jesus would want us to say, even in correction. It is easy for us to join in gossip. Choose to walk away or to change the subject. It is easy for us to think ill of another. Instead, St. Paul says to take captive our thoughts and see the other as a child of God, like yourself. The examples could go on and on. The main thing is to become more conscious of those thoughts, words and actions in our daily life which are not pleasing to God and then choose to make this part of your fast before the Lord. Then your fasting will be pleasing and acceptable to the Lord.

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