Thought of the Day March 2, 2022 Our Lenten journey

By 10:38 AM

The Lenten season begins. It is a special time of grace for each of us. In the Gospel for today, we hear Jesus gives us our focus for Lent: prayer, fasting and almsgiving. He is not calling us to say more prayers, but to spend more time with him each day as well as pray, as Paul says, unceasingly. The Desert Fathers learned that when they said a short prayer frequently during their day, they were better able to be more attentive to their time of quiet with the Lord.  The fasting is not only from food, but more especially from sin, which is whatever leads me from the Lord or whatever is not pleasing to the Lord. As we die to sin in our life, we will better be open to the new life Jesus has for us. Almsgiving is not only giving of our financial resources to those in need, but also giving of our time and services to others who are in need. And to do all out of love.  May our prayer this Lent be: Lord, let me be more conscious of your presence with and within me, so that I may live this Lenten season more in line with your will. 

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