Thought of the Day March 7, 2022 "Father, forgive them"

By 9:56 AM

 During this season of Lent I will reflect on the Seven Last Words of Jesus from the cross. 

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34)

Jesus’ first words from this pulpit of the cross were to his Father. The crowd before Pilate cried crucify him; Jesus cries forgiveness.   Forgiveness is one of the most important teachings Jesus gave both by words and actions to his disciples. How often did he preach on the need for forgiveness! Now, he chose to preach through personal, active testimony.  In His humanity, Christ teaches the most powerful lesson on forgiveness – by forgiving. In asking the Father to forgive them, Jesus himself has already extended His forgiveness to His executioners and detractors. The beauty of Jesus’ forgiveness is that he does so without waiting for their repentance. At the same time, his forgiveness is limited by their repentance or non-repentance. It is a grace prior to the response. He prays in confidence because he knows that he and the Father are one. His prayer underscores the truth that God is rich in mercy.

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