Thought of the Day March 18, 2021 The intercession of Mary at the cross

By 9:50 AM

"This day you shall be with me in paradise." When Mary heard these words, what did she feel? Was it a sense of gratitude that her son’s suffering had already born fruit in one who became a disciple at the very end? In the midst of her own suffering, did she feel a sense of joy of the man’s mother at knowing that her son will be with Jesus in paradise?  That his tragic life and end really was a new beginning ? At the same time, did Mary have a sense of sorrow that the other thief continued to revile her son rather than accept the grace of the moment?

During this Lenten season, Mary, our Mother, is interceding for each of us to acknowledge our own sinfulness and need for the forgiving mercy of Jesus. He died on the cross so that we may  have eternal life not eternal death. It is our choice to choose life or to choose death each day with each decision we make.


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