Thought of the Day March 3, 2022 Listening to the Lord

By 9:34 AM

 As we enter into this season of Lent, prayer is an important factor in our journey to the Pascal Mysteries. How often we are told in the Gospels that Jesus went aside to spend time in prayer with the Father! Jesus, in his humanity and because of his desire to do the will of the Father in love, sought the Father's will for him in that present moment. Lent is a special grace time for us to spend some quality, quiet time with the Father to seek his will. It is not his audible voice that we seek, but an openness to his will for the day. By being still and silent, we are saying to God that we are his and dependent upon him. We want to please him by doing everything in love for him. In the listening we are training our hearts to hear the gentle move of the Spirit in our day. It may come in a phone call from someone who needs to just talk. It may be an unexpected opportunity to serve another in need. Out of the blue someone's name pops up in our mind which may be God nudging us to reach out to that person. 

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