Thought of the Day March 11, 2022 God forgives and forgets

By 12:08 PM

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

A valiant knight was once grievously insulted, and in his anger he swore to be revenged.  Very early one morning he set out to punish his enemy with the sword.  Now there was a chapel by the wayside, into which he entered, and glanced at the pictures upon the walls.  There were three pictures.  The first represented our Lord in his garments of mockery, and beneath was inscribed: "He reviled not, though He was reviled." The second one depicted the scourging with the words: "He threatened not, although He suffered." The third finally was the crucifixion with these words beneath: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." The sight of these three pictures of the Passion touched the knight's heart. He knelt down and prayed, and his desire for vengeance melted away before the rays of the heavenly love of Jesus, like ice before the sun's rays.

A little boy had disobeyed his mother. She didn't know it yet, but his conscience began to bother him, and he was sneaking up to his room when she saw him. "Where are you going, Frank?" she asked. "To my room to talk to God," was his reply. "Is it something you can't tell me?" she asked. Frank explained, "Yes, it is. You'll just scold me and punish me, while God will forgive and forget all about it."

No reflection needed. The stories tell it all. As he has forgiven us, so are we to forgive others.


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