Thought of the Day March 9, 2022 Not judgement and condemnation, but mercy

By 12:05 PM

"Father, forgive them." At that moment, what those who judged and condemned him needed was not judgment and condemnation, but love and mercy, so that they could repent and return to the Lord. Jesus, out of mercy, chose to forgive them, less his heart become hardened like theirs. How often have we hardened our heart against another for something much less severe? If Jesus could forgive those who crucified him, can we not forgive those who have sinned against us. Bring their face into focus so that you can see them clearly. With the grace of this moment pray the prayer Jesus prayed on the cross.

Forgiveness has the word “give” in it. Forgiveness is not “getting” even. It is giving away the right to get even. This is an act of mercy. But there is still the matter of justice. For a wrong has occurred, an injury has taken place. Justice requires something to be done.

When we sin, it is always grievous, since sin is an abominable offense against God. In justice, Jesus paid the price for our sins through the gift of his life in our stead. Because of the Son’s love for the Father and his love for us, he asks the Father to show love and mercy through the act of forgiveness. Justice and mercy met in the gift of Jesus’ life for our life. Justice is what we deserve, our due. Mercy is what we desire, not our due. Jesus became our justice while extending mercy to us. 

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