Thought of the Day September 2 2022 Our inner brilliance

By 11:00 AM


"We sinners are like diamonds that have fallen into the muck. Made in the image of God, we have soiled ourselves through violence and hatred. God could have simply pronounced a word of forgiveness from heaven, but this would not have solved the problem. It would not have restored the diamonds to their original brilliance. Instead, in his passion to reestablish the beauty of creation, God came down into the muck of sin and death, brought the diamonds up, and then restored their brilliance." (St. Anselm) 

The "muck" involved our alienation from God. He wanted to restore us to our original brilliance. So God, in his great mercy and love, adopted us as his sons and daughters, pouring out his Spirit upon us, so that once more we can share in his divine life. His divine life is what brings out our true identity and destination. How lightly do we sometimes take this grace of God! We allow ourselves to remain in the state of serious sin for a long period of time, rather than avail ourselves of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, wherein our brilliance is restored. The grace of absolution is the cleansing element which restores the life of God in  us and thus our true brilliance. To frequent the Sacrament of Reconciliation  is to show our gratitude to God. Likewise, when we receive the Eucharist, Jesus deepens the brilliance of his life within us, as he shares himself with us. One day, by God's grace, our inner brilliance will shine eternally in God's presence. 

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