Thought of the Day September 7, 2022 There is more

By 11:23 AM

 Do you ever wonder if there is more that God wants for you? There is. To be with him forever in glory. He wants to give us more of his shared divine life. However, our receptivity is limited sometimes. The container we bring to the Lord is small and needs to be stretched and expanded to receive the more. To do this our comfort zone needs to be shaken. Our desire for the more needs to be intensified. All of this comes through repentance, prayer and good deeds done in love. Sin restricts our receptivity of the more of God's life and love. Prayer helps us to grow in our relationship with God. Good works done out of love are the lubricant that softens our opening so that it can be stretched to receive the more of God's life and love, preparing us for eternal glory with him. The true disciple wants the more; the half-hearted disciple is comfortable with the present, not willing to pay the price of preparation for the more.

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