Thought of the Day September 1 2022 We belong to the Lord.

By 9:43 AM

 St. Paul reminds us that we belong to the Lord. By virtue of creation, redemption, adoption and vocation we belong to the Lord. The Apostle goes on to say that we are slaves or servants of the Lord, who is the Master. God has chosen us out of love, so that we may one day be in his eternal presence, giving praise and glory for all he has done in our lives. What should our response be? Definitely love. But this can be shown in different ways. We choose to be obedient to God out of love, seeking to do that which is "good, pleasing and perfect." We seek to love him by loving others as he has loved us. We seek to serve him by following the lead of the Holy Spirit as we give witness to what God has done for us. We reflect our love by giving God the pure worship that is his due, primarily through the Eucharistic sacrifice of Jesus. With thanksgiving in our hearts and on our lips, we proclaim his goodness out of love. To belong to Lord is not a passive relationship but one that we seek to be conscious of throughout the day. For at the end of the day, what really matters is that I am his.

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