Thought of the Day September 22, 2022 Seek the Lord

By 11:30 AM


Are we ever fully satisfied in this life? Isn't there a yearning for more?  How often we seek fulfillment in the wrong places and things. Temporarily we are satiated, but then comes the reality that tells us not this. St. Augustine explained this search for the missing piece in these words. "Our hearts are restless, until they rest in you, my God." This yearning for the more is a grace from God to seek him. Recognizing this grace and acting on it allows us to remain on the path that will lead to our fulfillment. Sin is a distraction and a detour leading us away from God. But God's mercy calls us back to repentance and to the right path that will eventually bring us to our destiny, union with God. "Seek the Lord with all your heart".

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