Thought of the Day September 23, 2022 Sense of abandonment

By 8:42 AM

There is in the Scriptures a constant theme. God says "I am with you." There are times we feel his presence and there are times we don't. In those latter times, has he abandoned us? No. Jesus felt this sense of abandonment on the cross because of our sins. But he knew in the depth of his heart that the Father would never abandon him. That is why Jesus at the end could say: "Father, into your  hands, I commend my spirit."  Though we do not always feel God's intimate presence, as once we did, God is still there, guiding us on the journey. Why does God allow us to have this sense of abandonment at the times we most need him in our lives? God's ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts. This is a mystery of God's love. For it is in love that he allows us to have this sense of abandonment. Maybe it is necessary to draw us to a deeper oneness with him without the support of his felt presence. Sometimes we don't appreciate something until we don't have it. What is God asking of us during these times of a sense of abandonment. Steadfast trust and faith in his promise to be with us even though we don't feel his presence. As Paul says, we are to live by faith not by sight.

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