Thought of the Day September 19, 2022 Lord, give me patience

By 11:23 AM

 Patience makes us valuable and keeps us for God. Patience tempers anger, controls the tongue, governs thoughts, keeps peace, regulates the norms of life, breaks the onrush of concupiscence, represses the violence of pride, puts out the fire of hatred. It makes us humble in prosperity, strong in adversity, meek under insults and injury. It teaches us to forgive immediately those who commit transgressions and to pray long and hard for the person who is at fault.  Patience conquers temptations; it bears tribulations and martyrdoms to their end. It gives our faith the firmest foundation; it sees that our hope grows to maturity. It directs our actions so that we stay in the path of Christ as we advance with his help.  Finally, it is what makes us persevere as children of God.

(St. Cyprian)

I would think that most of us struggles\ with patience at times. I know I do, especially, when I am driving.  I have learned to pray for those going slow in front of me. Being impatience doesn't make them go any faster. It only raises my blood pressure. How many times during the week we are given opportunities, graces by God, to exercise the virtue of patience with others. At the same time, God is giving others a similar grace to be patient with us. The more I can grow in patience, the more my life would be calmer and in right order. It is not an easy virtue to practice, but it is necessary virtue for one who wants to grow in union with God. It doesn't come easy, but it does come with practice and discipline. And in the end  it is worth it. God, give me patience with myself first, then with others.

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