Thought of the Day September 29, 2022 Simplicity

By 11:05 AM

 "Simplicity consists in doing everything for the love of God, and having no other end in all  one's actions but his glory. This really is what simplicity is. All the acts of this virtue consist in saying things simply, without duplicity, or subtlety; in being straightforward, without prevarication or evasion. Simplicity, therefore, is to do everything for the love of God, one encounters no fabrication, we say that it is a very pure act and a very simple being. It is necessary, therefore to banish all confusion in order to have only God in view...How necessary it is to guard against appearing cunning, clever, sly and above all ever saying an ambiguous word." (St. Vincent de Paul)

This captures the expression KISS: Keep it simple stupid. Simplicity is not an easy virtue to practice, unless we grow in our efforts to do all out of love of God. St. Paul said it this way: "Whatever you do whether in word of deed, do it for the love of the Lord, giving thanks to God through Jesus." Not only are we called to simplify our lives. We are also called as disciples of Jesus to simply our speech, which is probably harder. We probably sin more through speech than in any other parts of our bodies. The world around us is complicated. It takes a lot for us to have a simple way of life. And yet, there is where we find true peace and harmony within us, in spite of the turmoil around us. We can't control the world around us, but we can control the world within us.

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