Thought of the Day September 6, 2022 Receiving God's love

By 10:21 AM

"The question of receiving the love of Christ is really very important. I personally feel more and more that sometimes it is harder for us to fully receive love than to give it. I am more and more convinced that we will find the peace and joy of Christ when we let him truly enter into the deepest places of our heart, especially those places where we are afraid, insecure, and self-rejecting." (Henri Nouwen)

In my years of ministering to people I find that many people are afraid of being loved by Jesus. For the most part it is probably due to their childhood experiences, What was shown them was not love but abuse or manipulation or conditional "love".  They were never good in themselves. They had to satisfy another. But this was not the love which God wishes us to experience. His love is unconditional, fulfilling, empowering, freeing and healing. It enables us to become the person we are created to be in relationship to the one Person who has called us into being. Once we can begin to trust in God's love and begin to allow him to enter into the secret wounds of our heart, then his love begins to make sense. Take the initial step or continual step of risking to bask in his love today.

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