Thought of the Day May 1, 2023 The switch of faith

By 9:57 AM

 When a room is in darkness, we find the switch and turn it on. The room is ablaze in light. So it it is in our life. If we do not turn on the switch of faith, the power of the Holy Spirit is withheld, blocked. God provides us many  opportunities to witness his love and gift of new life to others. How often do we follow the lead of the Holy Spirit, turning on the switch of faith, so that another is ministered to according to God's plan? Or how often are we oblivious of the grace and call of the Spirit in the moment? God will not force us. He calls and invites us to participate in his plan of salvation for another.  Pray to the Holy Spirit for an attentive and cooperative heart. Watch for those moments of his call and grace. Then act on them and see the power of God.

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