Thought of the Day July 12, 2023 Coincidence or part of a plan?

By 10:04 AM

 You may have heard that there are no accidents or coincidences in life. What may appear to us to be such are in reality part of God's plan to purify us, strengthen us, or to draw us closer to him in trust. These events can distract us, make us angry, cause us to miss the potential grace. Or they can be opportunities to turn to the Lord, asking him what he wants me to learn. It was no accident that Joseph was sold by his brothers to get rid of him. It was no accident that Joseph was falsely accused and imprisoned. God did not cause any of these. He used the evil coincidences to save Jacob's family from starvation through Joseph. Don't focus on the coincidence or chance happening. Focus on waiting upon the Lord to see his plan.

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