Thought of the Day July 27, 2023 Seeing the face of God

By 10:22 AM

 One of the blessings of living a life in Christ is that of seeing God face to face. There is an inner yearning in us to gaze on the face of God. Moses desired this, but God showed him "his back" not his face. For to see the face of God would mean one would no longer wish to live. That is why hell is such a horrible existence. The inner desire to be fulfilled is thwarted eternally. We were created to see the face of God and to share his eternal life. By choice the person in hell chose a way of life rejecting all that is good. On the other hand, the person in heaven sees Beauty and Goodness and Truth and is fulfilled in the presence of God. To see the face of God is God's desire for us. He provides all the means we need to fulfill this inner desire. It is our decision which road we will choose. The road leading to seeing God or the road leading to alienation from God.

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