Thought of the Day July 14, 2023 Prayer and The Word

By 10:08 AM

“Once when the Brethren asked whether it were his will that the clerks that had been already received into the Order should devote themselves unto the study of Holy Scripture, Francis made answer: “It is indeed my will, yet for so long alone as they follow the example of Christ, Who, we read, prayed more than He read, and for so long as they do not lose their zeal for prayer, nor study only that they may know how they ought to speak; rather let them study that they may be doers of the word, and, when they have done it, may set forth unto others what they too should do.” (St Bonaventure) 

The two things we need to insure are part of our spiritual life are prayer and studying the Word of God. Our example is Jesus. The Scriptures tell us how important prayer was to the Beloved Son of the Father, He not only prayed as an observant Jewish man, but he spent hours in prayer, seeking the will of the Father in his daily ministry. Does that show us how important and necessary prayer should be for us? It should be a priority. With prayer, Jesus steeped himself in the Word, not only by listening to it in the synagogue each Sabbath, but he reflected on it and lived it in his life. "The Word of God is a lamp unto my feet." Let the Word of God guide us in our daily decisions. 

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