Thought of the Day July 20, 2023 Be yoked to Christ

By 11:37 AM

 "In order to be capable of leading a full life, man must stand in a certain relationship to God and obey certain rules. And the capacity for true happiness and joyful living is also dependent on certain conditions of human life, on a serious attitude towards God. Where life does not unfold in communion with God, it becomes gray and sordid, calculating and joyless,”  Fr Alfred Delph

The relationship that Jesus talks about in today's Gospel is one of being yoked to him. He says his yoke is easy and his burden is light. What is this yoke? It is the yoke of love. Jesus came to show us how key is to our relationship with God and with others. St. Paul understood this when he wrote that whatever we do in word or action, do it for the love of Jesus. Though love is not easy, because of our sinful nature, it is the only way to full life with God, who is love.  In love we can become humble and meek in all that we do. Outside this motive "it becomes gray and sordid, calculating and joyless."

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