Thought of the Day July 26, 2023 The road of love

By 10:53 AM

 What makes the difference between the saints and the average person is the love they had for God. Eventually, God became the all in all in their lives. They loved God even more than they loved their own lives. The average person loves God but there are others that are loved more than God. For the saints, they loved God first and because of their love for God, they loved those God loved with the love God gave them. Jesus made it clear that love of God first was the road to true holiness. That love is express in doing the will of God no matter what. Love is a choice to make another first in my life, that other being God. In doing so, one's life will not be any easier but it will be fulfilling. Jesus loved the Father. But his life included the cross. But this led to fulfillment as the Risen Lord. Find the road of love and walk it.

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