Thought of the Day July 7, 2023 Obedience and true freedom

By 10:17 AM

 "It is thus immediately obvious that the true basis of Christian obedience is not an idea of obedience, but an act of obedience; it is not a principle ('the inferior must be subject to the superior') but an event; it is not founded upon a 'constitutional natural order', but in itself constitutes a new order; it is not found in reason, but in the kerygma.  It is based on the fact that 'Christ became obedient even unto death' (Ph 2:8); that Christ 'learnt to obey through suffering and having been made perfect he became for all who obey him the source of eternal salvation'." ( Cantalamessa)

Obedience is the key to true and lasting relationship with God. It is the first thing that God asked of Adam and Eve. It was the way for them to express their love and to thank him for their creation and gifts. They failed. Obedience to the Covenant was the main response God required of the Chosen People. For the most part they failed. Jesus as the Son of Man was obedient to the Father, even to embracing death by crucifixion. Doing the will of the Father was the perfect sacrifice pleasing to the Father that merit our salvation. Jesus makes it clear to us, his disciples, that the road of obedience is the narrow road that leads to eternal life. Disobedience is the wide road that leads to eternal destruction. To obey God is not an act of servitude but a freedom from the bondage of sin. Obedience is not a heavy burden weighing us down, but a stepping stone to the fullness of life. Our choice!

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