Thought of the Day July 18, 2023 Not apathy

By 10:36 AM

 "If we do not oppose evil, we feed it tacitly. It is necessary to intervene where evil spreads; because evil spreads where there are no daring Christians who oppose with good, 'walking in love,' according to the warning of St. Paul. It is not enough not to hate, it is necessary to forgive. It is not enough not to have a grudge, we must pray for [our] enemies… it is not enough to not speak badly about others, we must stop when we hear someone talking badly." (Pope Francis)

One of the sins that we need to address in our lives is that of being lukewarm or apathetic. Jesus addressed this in the Book of Revelations. He says, I wished you were either hot or cold. but you are neither so I will spew you out. As Christians we can't afford to be either cold or lukewarm. What is at stake is our eternal salvation. There is no room for apathy or indifference. But like those who have gone before us we need to be zealot for the kingdom of God by our word, our actions and our lives. Our stand is not for show but to be a witness of God's love and mercy, his truth and his grace.

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