Thought of the Day July 28, 2023 Freedom through obedience

By 9:59 AM

 One of the hardest virtue for us as struggling sinners to fully embrace in our lives is that of obedience. From the first disobedience of Adam and Eve to our own disobedience to the will of God for us, human beings fall short. Obedience to the will of God does not take away our freedom, as the Father of liars seek to tell us. Rather, obedience enables our freedom to be fully realized. Through obedience to the will of God, joining our will to his, ensures that we will reach the full full potential of our existence, which is in God. Mary is one of our role models. Through obedience Mary's full potential was to be both a perpetual virgin and the Blessed Mother of the Son of God. By her decision to be obedient to God and with his grace, she fulfilled God's plan perfectly. And so can we with God's grace.

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