Thought of the Day September 11, 2023 What's our focus?

By 10:13 AM

Do we find ourselves living in the success-failure syndrome, the emotional highs and lows, feeling loved and not loved roller coaster? Do we find ourselves longing for some stability in our lives? Then, we need to ask the question what will give us the evenness I desire? I propose it is Jesus. Rather than let the highs and lows of life control us, give your life to Jesus as Lord. He will not take away the highs and lows but he will give us the strength we need to ride the storms of life, knowing that he is in the boat with us. As St Paul said, if Jesus is for us, who (or what) can be against us? Instead of making the ups and downs as our focus, make Jesus the center of our life, keeping our eyes on him, seeking to do his will in all things.


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