Thought of the Day September 18, 2023 Driving purpose

By 10:11 AM

 Do we have a driving purpose that gives meaning to our life? 

Purpose grounds us: Being grounded means knowing ourselves and our purpose. Implied in this, of course, is knowing what one is not and does not want to become.  St Catherine of Siena stated “If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world ablaze!”  To become that person is the mission God gives each of us. God has willed that we share his divine life eternally. We became his sons and daughters in the waters of Baptism. Our whole life is to be that person God sees and wills us to be. We fall short many times. That is not as important as that at the most important moment in my life--the moment of death--I am that son or daughter, living in union with him. I will then fulfill my purpose. 

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