Thought of the Day September 20, 2023 Surrender to the Lord

By 10:54 AM

 "After all, maturation in a spiritual sense is a growing willingness to stretch out my arms, to have a belt put round me, and to be led where I would rather not go (John 21:18)." (Henri Nouwen)

It is hard for us to totally trust in God's providential care for us, We are afraid of where he may lead us, what cross he may ask us to bear. We would rather be in control of our life. But how many times that has led us to dead ends in our life, to decisions that have been self-destructive? When will we ever learn that God's plan for us is our eternal happiness with him? When we finally do, we will be ready to surrender the control of our life to the Author of our life. Even the difficulties he may lead us through will be beneficial and not destructive. Remember the words of the Lord. "My ways are not your ways, my thoughts are not your thoughts."  His was is the surest and safest one.

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