Thought of the Day September 5, 2023 Trust

By 10:10 AM

 Some people are afraid of being open to God, even to the point of not receiving his love. One reason is their understanding of God is still immature and childish. They see God more as a judge rather than as a loving Father. They know they have done wrong and are afraid of being punished by God. Like a child, they try to run away and hide, hoping he will not find them. This attitude may be due to some memory they had of being punished by a parent. Yet, there is an inner desire to be loved. What will break this bondage of Satan? A decision to trust God and to allow God to reveal his deep love for the person. Yes, God is a judge, but he is  first of all a loving, merciful Father, who wants to best for us. That is why he created us, to bring us into true happiness, the fulfillment of our purpose for existence. That happiness is in relationship with him. Pray for that grace of trust.

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