Thought of the Day September 21, 2023 Our goal is life with God

By 9:28 AM


Our purpose sometimes change throughout our lives. What we thought of at an earlier stage of our life to be our goal may not be true later on. When children are asked what they want to be when they grow up, the answers may vary from being a pilot, a fireman, an astronaut, a nurse, a teacher etc. Ask the same person the same question in high school, the answer probably will be different. Why? We have had new experiences and things have changed in our lives. Again, ask the same person twenty years later, you may get a different answer. Why? If we have not found what we are missing, what could give us true happiness, we will continue to search. But once we have found our purpose for existence to be for God and to be with him forever, we set our compass or we lock in our GPS on this destination.

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