Thought of the Day September 4, 2023 Test and consolation

By 10:26 AM

 "I am accustomed to visit my elect in a double fashion, that is, with test and with consolation. And I read to them two lessons each d ay: one to rebuke them for their faults; the other to exhort them to increase their virtue" (Imitation of Christ)

When God tests us, it is because he wants us to know if we truly love him. He knows, but we know by standing strong in the time of test. When we do, we, at times, experience some form of consolation. These are given to strengthen us.  We don't like to be rebuked, even when we know we have done wrong. His rebuke is a sign of his love for us. He wants us to repent and live in right relationship with him. Not only does he correct us for our faults but he exhorts and encourages us to grow in the virtues, especially the virtue of love. We should be grateful both for the test and for the consolation, for the rebuke and for the exhortation.

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