Thought of the Day September 28, 2023 What brought you to Jesus?

By 1:18 PM

 What brought you to Jesus? As we read the scriptures we see the various reasons that drew people to Jesus. We have the curiosity seekers, like King Herod, who wanted to see Jesus perform magic. We have people who came because they heard about him, may have been impressed by his words, but did not become a disciple. We have the tax collector, Zechariah, who was curious, but also searching for something to make his life meaningful. We have the self-righteous Pharisees who sought to discredit Jesus. We  have the rich young man, who was searching for the truth but was not willing to make the sacrifice to obtain it. Finally, we have those who were awaiting for the Messiah, heard about Jesus, encountered him and their lives were touched radically. What brought you to Jesus? Have you found what you are looking for? What has happened to your life since? The same Jesus has a different impact on different people, depending on why they sought Jesus in the first place.

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