Thought of the Day September 29, 2023 Encounter, remain and witness

By 1:22 PM

 What makes one a disciple of Jesus? First, the person has a personal encounter that changes one life. They may have heard about Jesus, but they wanted to see for themselves. They may have seen but didn't feel the need to follow up. They were satisfied. Those who have had a personal encounter, have to decide whether they want to remain with Jesus or move on in their life. This remaining with Jesus is the second step. Here we learn more about who he is in himself and to us. But the remaining with Jesus needs to move into the third step, namely, tell others about one's experience with Jesus. The fourth step is to invite others to come and see for themselves who Jesus is. This is the process we see in the way the first disciples were recruited. Were are you as a disciple of Jesus? The process is not a linear movement but a repetitive one. 

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