Thought of the Day October 10, 2023 Being or Doing?

By 10:36 AM

 Are you more comfortable in doing or in being? Both are part of our life. When it comes to our relationship with Jesus, being with him is more important than doing for him. Being with him, focuses attentively on him. Doing for him focuses more of the doing than on him. Being with Jesus is a qualification of a disciple. Time spent with Jesus, listening to him and learning from him is to lead to reaching out to others, sharing what we learned from being with Jesus. Doing for Jesus does not always lead us to spending time with him. That is the moral of the Martha and Mary story. Martha was busy about many things, doing for Jesus. Mary was more concerned about Jesus. The Master was grateful to Martha for her hospitality, but corrected her about her priorities. Mary had her priorities in place. Do we?

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