Thought of the Day October 24, 2023 First things first

By 9:58 AM

"All the great saints in history about whom I have read have been people who were so passionately in love with God that they were completely free to love other people in a deep, affective way, without any strings attached. True charity is gratuitous love, a love that gives gratuitously and receives gratuitously. It is following the first commandment that asks us to give everything we have to God and that makes the second commandment truly possible. . . .

We are touching here on the source of much of the suffering in our contemporary society. We have such a need for love that we often expect from our fellow human beings something that only God can give, and then we quickly end up being angry, resentful, lustful, and sometimes even violent. As soon as the first commandment is no longer truly the first, our society moves to the edge of self-destruction." Henri Nouwen

If God was in reality the center of my life and I choose to do everything our of love for God, what will my life be? When this was not the case, what has my life been? We are expecting others to be god to us, to satisfy all our needs, an expectation they cannot fulfill. God loves us beyond measure, but we fail to respond to his love with love. Instead, we look to others. What would happen if we would believe and live the command of God: Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor because of God?  First things first will bring the best results.

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