Thought of the Day October 23 2023 Be rich in what pertains to God

By 9:54 AM

 "Every life exists either to meet a need or fill greed. Meeting a need in fact is God-given while filling greed is a mission invented by man himself." (Anonymous)

How often are our decisions based on filling a need in another person's life or filling a supposed need  in our own life? Jesus said that we are to be rich in matters pertaining to God. What pertains to God? All that is good, pleasing and perfect. What does not pertain to God? All that is selfish, greedy and prideful. Jesus also said that where your heart is there is your treasure. If our heart is in God, we are rich. If our heart is in the self, then our treasure is our self. It is so easy for us to be caught up in what is not eternally essential and miss what truly matters in the end.

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