Thought of the Day October 4, 2023 God sees me as I am

By 10:18 AM


"When people saw a barren woman in Sarah, God saw the mother of all nations. When people saw a poor young shepherd in David, God saw a mighty king of Israel. When people saw a poor prisoner in Joseph, God saw a powerful minister in Egypt. Its not about what people see its what God sees in you that matters." (Anonymous)  

We need to be reminded of this truth. What others see or think of us doesn't reflect our true identity and worth. As someone else has beautifully stated: "I am who I am in the eyes of God, nothing more, nothing less." Yes, God sees my sins and failures. But these are not at the forefront of who we are. He sees us his beloved adopted son or daughter, whom his Son died for. He sees our potential self, fully complete in him. What may hinder us from reaching that potential self is either we allowed what others think of us to determine us or we allow our weaknesses to block us. We need to turn our eyes from the world, from the false self and gaze into the eyes of the One who loves us.

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