Thought of the Day October 5, 2023 What deprives one of peace?

By 10:25 AM

 What deprives us of that inner peace which Jesus speaks about? A person living in peace with oneself and others does not harbor suspicion or resentment towards anyone. Nursing a grudge only brings one unhappiness. Also, living in the past deprives one of inner peace. The past is gone and can't be resurrected. Peace is not in the past but in the present moment. Then, there are times and energy we waste by fighting conditions that one can't change. I remember having a conversation with a priest about the need to forgive and reconcile with a parishioner. The priest absolutely refused. I left him steaming, until I heard God say in my spirit, "Choose your battles. You can't fight them all." I did what I had to do. I was not responsible to change him. I spoke the truth. The rest was his decision. I experienced peace.

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