Thought of the Day April 10, 2024 Easter: Bread of life: his Body and Blood

By 11:23 AM

 "I am the Bread of Life." Some Christians limit the meaning of Jesus to nourishing us with his Word. They cannot accept or believe that he meant both and, both his Word and his Body and Blood. His emphasis on this fact that as Bread of life he will give us his Flesh to eat and his Blood to drink is clear from the number of times he repeats this. Not only are we nourished for eternal life by his Word, but we share in his divine life by eating and drinking his Blood. If he could change water into wine, if we could restore limbs, if he could feed the multitude with a few loaves and fishes, it he could create the universe, if he, as God, could take on our flesh, it is not impossible for him to change bread into his sacred Body and wine into his precious Blood. Nothing is impossible to God. As the Bread of life, he was challenging people to think outside of their limited mental box. 

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