Thought for the Day April 1, 2024 Easter: He is who he said he was

By 11:01 AM

 He is risen! Alleluia! What does that mean? He is truly who he said he was: God/Man, Messiah, King, Lord and Savior. He has fulfilled all the prophesies written in the Old Testament, from Genesis to Malachi.  Those of his day were demanding signs from him. His resurrection is the final miracle and sign that would firm up the faith of those who truly were awaiting the Promised One. For the rest, both his crucifixion and resurrection would become by choice a stumbling block to them. They rejected the stone that has become the corner stone. If they did not believe the scriptures, the works of the Father, the testimony of many witnesses, they would remain in this disbelief. His appearance as the risen Lord was not wasted on the hardened of hearts but to those who truly mourned his death. What does his resurrection mean to us? 

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