Thought of the Day April 5, 2024 Easter: Hope

By 10:54 AM

 He is risen! Alleluia! There is new hope. Not only are our sins forgiven and bondage of Satan is broken, we have the hope that we will see God face to face, as he is in glory. The disciples did not hope to see Jesus, once he died. His resurrection enlivened their hope. Each post Easter appearance solidified that hope, that once he returned to the Father, he was with them and they would see him in the fullness of life. This hope sustained them during the rest of their earthly journey. Each time we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus, that same hope is stirred in us. We see him now in faith as we receive his Body and Blood. But one day our hope will be attained. We will see him as he is and will be with him forever, according to his providential plan. He created us and adopted us, so we will share in his glory. Alleluia! Thank you, Jesus, for that living hope.

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